To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you all for using the VIP ticket booking system. You can use the system to choose the most desirable time (exhibition session) to enter the exhibition venue.

Please refer to the real-time updates for the remaining quota of each exhibition session.
The exhibition will not arrange alternative ticket holders to fill vacancies or offer reservation services.

【Matters that Require Your Attention】
Multiple ticket holders may request their appointments at the same time. Please refer to the real-time updates (as shown by the exhibition session list on the webpage) for the remaining quota of each exhibition session.
●The quota available for each exhibition session is limited. So, we suggest that you seize the opportunity and book the VIP tickets in time.
●In order to comply with the closing time of the exhibition venue, please enter the exhibition venue before 8:00 pm.
●The system may be overly busy and lagged at the time when it is opened up for online booking. So, please wait a moment to proceed with your booking.
●When your booking is finished, the system will prompt a message to show "Booking Finished." Be sure to save the screen image, as you may print the screen image or take a picture of the screen image. You can also use "Booking Inquiry" to see if your booking is registered. Please show your ticket and the "Booking Finished" screenshot (in the form of a printed image or a picture on your smartphone) at the entrance of the exhibition venue. We will check and match your information to those registered in our system. Thank you.
The system will be opened up for booking within 24 hours! You may proceed with your online booking at 00:00 on 16/10/2016 .

May I change or cancel the finished booking?
Each ticket can be booked once for one exhibition session ONLY! Your booking cannot be changed or canceled once it's done. So, we strongly suggest that you make plans in advance and attend the exhibition on time, and it will be better if you can arrive on spot before the exhibition session starts. If you are late and cannot arrive on spot before the exhibition session ends, we will reclaim your rights to attend the exhibition and nullify your ticket. (For example, if you book the exhibition session between 10 am and 11 am on 6/2/2017, you shall enter the exhibition venue before 11 am.)
When the exhibition begins, you may still book a ticket for an exhibition session that begins one hour after you log onto the booking system. For example, if you enter the booking system at 1 pm on 6 /2/2017, you may book a ticket for a session that begins on or after 2 pm on 6/2/2017.